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WinSpeedUp FAQs

On this page you will find the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding our program WinSpeedUp. If you cannot find the problem occurring on your computer, please use the e-mail form to contact us directly.


Question: I have lost my unlock-code. How can I request a new code?

Answer: You can log into the customer control panel and let you send your unlock-code by e-mail.


Question: I let WinSpeedUp search for updates and it found an illegal unlock-code and is now locked. I bought a legal unlock-code and want to use WinSpeedUp like before.

Answer: If you bought a legal unlock-code you probably mistyped your name belonging to the unlock-code. Please send us an e-mail and we will reactivate your WinSpeedUp copy.


Question: A part of the buttons in WinSpeedUp is gray or not working.

Answer: This is part of the restrictions of the shareware version. If you want to use all functions of WinSpeedUp, please order an unlock-code at the order page.


Question: Where can I insert the unlock-code? I cannot find no form for it!

Answer: When starting WinSpeedUp a window will appear which reminds you of the limited shareware version. Below the text there are three buttons: "Next", "Unlock" and "Order". Click on "Unlock" and an other window will appear. There you can enter your name, unlock-code and checksum. Click on "Check" to unlock WinSpeedUp. If your unlock-code is not accepted read here.


Question: My unlock-code is not accepted. The message "Incorrect unlock-code!" appears.

Answer 1: The unlock-code only works in connection with your name and the checksum. Please enter the name we sent to you with your unlock-code. In most of the cases it consists of your first and last name.

Answer 2: If you are using an older version than 2.3 your unlock-code will not be accepted. Please download the latest version here or request a new unlock-code by e-mail.

Answer 3: Did you enter the unlock-code correctly? The letters must be typed in CAPITALS. Names as well as code have to be entered without quotation marks.


Question: When trying to install WinSpeedUp I get the message "WinSpeedUp could not be installed because of a previously entered illegal unlock-code! (...)" and the installation does not complete.

Answer: This message appears if WinSpeedUp was unlocked before with an unlock-code that was not issued by Script Soft. WinSpeedUp is now in a locked state and needs to be unlocked by us. Please contact us and we will send you a guide describing how to reactivate WinSpeedUp.


Question: When running WinSpeedUp on Windows Vista I get an error message like "Run-Time Error 713 (...)" which mentions the file msstdfmt.dll.

Answer: The msstdfmt.dll file is not properly registered to your system and therefore WinSpeedUp cannot start. Please follow these steps to install the file properly:

  • Install WinSpeedUp
  • Download the needed file here
  • Copy the downloaded file to C:\Windows\System32. Windows will ask you to confirm the operation, answer with "Continue"
  • Open "Start", "All Programs", "Accessories" and right-click on "Command Prompt". Choose "Run as administrator"
  • Confirm Windows' question with "Continue"
  • In the command prompt enter the following without quotation marks: "regsvr32 msstdfmt.dll" and press enter
  • You should receive a message telling you that the file was registered successfully. WinSpeedUp will now start without errors